How I Built My Credit Score from 486 To 705 With Credit Secrets

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Hi, my name is Albert and I’d like to share with you about how I managed to improve my credit score from 486 to 705 in 6 months. Sounds unbelievable? Well, I also was skeptical about this approach because I had tried several programs before and none of them seemed to work. So, when I came across Credit Secrets by Scott and Alison Hilton, I almost dismissed it as another scam until I realized that Larry King had actually featured it in one of his talk shows.

I have known Larry since his good old days at CNN hosting Larry King Live and for some reason, I felt that he could be trusted. You know, he has a brand to keep after all and I was sure he couldn’t put his illustrious career on the line just to get a few dollars for an endorsement. So, I went ahead and ordered a copy of this 190-page guide and, sure enough, it was delivered to me in just a few days. Before I share my experience of using this program, it’d be a good idea to tell you my story so you can understand how the transformation process took place. Ready?

My Story

When I finished college in 2005, I didn’t give much thought to my student loan because no one told me about the consequences of doing so. I got a job at a leading communication firm and moved out of my parent’s house and rented an apartment. This move meant that I did not have anyone to watch over me or guide me on how to behave responsibly. Long story short, I spent my 20s partying hard and traveling around the world – on debt. My credit card debt grew exponentially but I didn’t feel like giving up the fun. I was an ardent believer in the YOLO principle (You Only Live Once).

First forward to 2016, a decade later – I was in my 30s and the debt burden was beginning to take its toll on me. I wanted to buy a car for myself but the dealers could not touch me with a ten-foot pole. Why? Because my credit score of 486 appeared beyond repair. Likewise, the thought of owning my own home struck me because I felt that this is the right time to own my first home – but shock on me because no mortgage lender appeared to take me seriously.

My life was at a crossroads. I was gradually becoming mature and realizing the importance of settling down but on the other hand, the mistakes I had made earlier in life kept haunting me. I couldn’t do anything about it! Or so it seemed. All I knew at that time is that I needed to hire a credit expert to guide me through the process of improving my score. Unfortunately, though, these experts don’t come cheap and I couldn’t afford to fork out hundreds of dollars to access their services.

I remember spending a whole weekend scouring the internet for solutions. I bumped on dozens of YouTube videos which discussed the same old stuff. I even ended up purchasing a PDF program that promised to help me transform my credit score overnight but by just perusing the first few chapters of it, I realized that I was just wasting my time. I felt like my life had hit a snag and gave up, completely.

Discovering The Credit Secrets Program

So, one day as I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, a Facebook Page by the name Credit Secrets popped up (I think it was inspired by my browsing habits and so Facebook figured out that it could’ve been relevant to me). I ended up liking the page and reading almost every post made on the page. Eventually, I landed on their blog, read their articles.

Typing the keyword “Credit Secrets Reviews” on my search engine led me to even more information about this program. Of course, there were a few negative reviews which seemed to come from folks who expected overnight results but were disappointed to find out that this program requires a bit of effort to realize long-term goals.

Most of the reviews I came across were, however, generally positive and my gut told me that this was something worth giving a shot. I figured out that I was sitting on a time-bomb and that if I did nothing about my credit situation, I could even end up unable to pay my rent, buy clothes or even feed myself. The idea of losing my job sent made me even worry a lot more – you know, it’s so difficult to get a job nowadays. My parents had also been pushing me to settle down and get married and I couldn’t even imagine adding more mouths to feed while I could barely feed myself.

So, when this guide was delivered to me, I was literary at the breaking point. Written by a husband and wife who went through bizarre credit encounters individually, each chapter of this program sounded like it was talking directly to me. I mean, it’s not like some of those theoretical programs on sale out there. This one is written by a couple that knows the pain of debt. I found each chapter so detailed and helpful largely because I could relate to the real-life approach taken to put this program together.

Some of the aspects of this guide that I found really helpful include its incisive coverage of:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Loans
  • HIPAA & Medical Collections (and how to dispute that)
  • Good Credit Lines Quickly (details how to improve debt-equity ratio)

Things I Like

*A vibrant community with 30,000+ members

*The program is easy to understand

*Great layout and colored illustrations

*Give practical advice that we can all relate to

*Awesome customer support

Things I Don’t Like

*I don’t like reading books, I don’t even understand how I read this one from cover to cover

The Results

Today, I would like to say that I have read this book back and forth and I couldn’t be any prouder of the decision I made to purchase it. It answered most of my financial questions and helped me discover some creative methods of getting the credit nightmare off my back. I was shocked to discover some stupid mistakes that I had been making all along. Upon correcting them, it took me less than 30 days to start noticing changes.

Within two months of using this program, my credit score had risen all the way from 486 to 618. I pressed on and 6 months down the line, the score stood at 705. Today, I have managed to clock 740. I managed to finally get myself a good car and as we speak, I’m in the course of acquiring my first home – I’m really looking forward to that. Most importantly, I now enjoy total peace of mind and I am thinking of settling down with the love of my life, very soon.

Had I come across the Credit Secrets program earlier, I think I would have been in a much better position financially than I am today. Nonetheless, I remain grateful for the incredible progress I have made to-date. So, if you’re grappling with bad credit and are worried that this could affect your life for good, don’t be a fence-sitter – the earlier you give this guide a shot, the higher the chances that you’ll turn your score around.